Hello! My name is Stefania and I am a Slow Art & Book Therapist, absolutely passionate about art, books and the therapeutic relationship that we can build with these forms of art in order to create the life we aspire and deserve to live!
Through such a relationship,
I was led to create the book:
My art of being me
This book, as well as the sessions and groups I organize (in Greek, English, and French), are an expression of what I love and am.
But let us focus on you now...
Stefania Tsakiraki Museum Art Therapist and Author: My art of being Me
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An ode to each person's relationship with oneself and one's mother.

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We have something in common.


I invite you to follow the news and events, in which I will be very happy to meet you. Remember to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive the news every month. Also, write me freely, if I can be useful to you I will do it with pleasure.



or Cultural Institution


We can cooperate!


Many museums worldwide have turned their attention to online activity. Together, we can offer to your public unique art experiences. I want to contribute to the strengthening of museums through my practices, which I will be happy to share with your audience.




If you found your own reason why the book My Art to Be Me is worth becoming part of your publications and if that reason activates you to work with me so that the book reaches its recipients, then contact me immediately. We can create new opportunities where current conditions place obstacles in the field of books.

Wellness Studio


Are Art Meditation, Art and Mindful Movement practices that interest you? Is the combination of art and wellness an interesting prospect for you? I am Museum Art Therapist and Yoga Instructor. Together we can travel the practices of your space in the world of art. After all, "the most important art form is the art of living" (La Griff).



What is your art for you? Together we can work on the relationship with your art from a new perspective. Not as a creation for improvement, but as an experience. What will it be like to leave the critical eye and look at your work in its totality, with the eyes of the heart? I will be happy to help you discover it and take your art to another level.

In this category you will find everything I am happily sharing with you:

events, articles, interviews.

#whatiseeinart is ... TV

The recent interview I gave on KRHTH TV's  show, Krhth Shme was another beautiful experience and a very interesting discussion.

Art can be healing!

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