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Museum Art Therapy

Art Meditation

This practice is part of Slow Art, as it is another method of slow appreciation of an artwork. Art Meditation, Art Mindfulness, Mindful Art, Mindful Museum... It may have so many different names but the purpose of this meditative view of art is one: the use of works of art to observe the thoughts, sensations and emotions that the contact with an artwork can create in oneself. Once again paintings and statues are used as tools for the human's benefit.


There is an important difference between meditating on the flame of a candle and meditating on an artwork. These works are an experience, completely personal for each of us, and this experience is great to take some time to observe. The breath, the bodily sensations, the thoughts, even the heartbeats change at the sight of a work of art. Together we spend the necessary time to notice what happens during the encounter of the individual with art. Thus, we create the appropriate space and time for the enjoyment of 'being' without the imposition of 'doing'.