...I want to talk

to you, mother...


My art of being me

It all starts, as in the painting of this photo (The motherhood, Pablo Picasso, National Gallery, London), with each one of us hooked on their  own mother figure, this figure that signals  the beginning of our personal story.


By saying 'mother figure' I do not merely mean the mother according to  the standards our society attributes to the term 'mother'. It can refer to a female or male parent, biological or foster. It is about the mother as a being, as emotion and experience, which everyone carries within them.

Orangerie Museum Musée Μουσείο Ορανζερί Παρίσι Women in Arts

My mother is called Kalliopi and she has been a point of reference both for my life and for the writing of this book. From a very early age, I burdened her with the title: "the perfect mother". Indeed, the choice of words is not random as it took me a lot of effort to see that she was not the perfect mother, and even more courage to take that weight off her shoulders.


I couldn’t have known what was her side of each story, but I know that many times she did disappoint me. When you only demand perfection from someone, then, just because this person is human,  they constantly disappoint you. On the one hand, she was just trying to be herself, on the other, I was asking for my perfect imaginary mom.



How did I get from my mother to myself?
I saw some funny similarities.

I demanded perfection from her. Same thing from myself.

I did not accept her and at the same time, I was fighting with myself.

This letter, starting by her, is dedicated to all the mothers of the world, wherever, whenever, and whoever they are; to those who have been mothers for just a single moment or for an eternity.

This book is dedicated to all of us who are children of a mother;  to us who deserve to take responsibility for our lives, to let go of  the role of the victim and decide that it's worth saying: Now it's/this is