Νέο άρθρο για τις Πυγολαμπίδες
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Μια ζωή φτιαγμένη από μικρές στιγμές απόλαυσης, σύνδεσης και αφιέρωσης του εαυτού μας στο τώρα, αυτό είναι η Slow Life...


My first article for the Medium Blog!

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How can we develop a therapeutic relationship with art and museums during the pandemic?

What is museum art therapy? How can we look deeper at art and create the most personal and therapeutic relationship with it? 


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Watching the snow adorn Paris

Paris wore its best today, not because it snowed, but ...

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Coffee Stain Podcast - Episode 2

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Art and Coffee,

a great connection

Can you see a connection between coffee and art? Maybe not ... until now!

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One day before the 2nd lockdown, in the biggest museums of Paris

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