How much time does the average museum visitor spend on the artwork s/he encounters along the way? A great deal of research has been based on this question. According to the Louvre Museum, 15 seconds are dedicated to the famous Gioconda by each one of her admirers. On the other hand, the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) claims that 32.5 seconds are devoted by their visitors to the museum's artworks. Another research claims that visitors spend 2 seconds on the artwork and then turn for 10 seconds at the label and move onward...


The above may sound exaggerated, but if one considers the fast modern way of life where multitasking is considered a necessary skill for every average employee, then one will probably see that our museums and our behaviors within them are, once again, a mirror of our society.


The Slow movement has grown over the last 40 years and comes to remind us how enjoyable it can be to take our time. Slow food came as a proposal against fast food. Of course, the professionals of the world of museums were soon enough inspired by such a movement that restores the value and the look art deserves.

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Museum Art Therapy

Slow Art Appreciation

Could one spend 10, 20, 45 minutes or even 1 hour in front of a work of art? Yes, it is absolutely possible. In Slow Art Appreciation sessions, through the proper guidance of the team, time flows smoothly as the artwork unfolds before our eyes. Members' attention is focused on the various levels of a work of art: aesthetic, conceptual, symbolic or psychological.

The Slow Art method is relaxing and beneficial for humans on many levels. It increases observation, helps memory improvement and inspires a more conscious lifestyle.


Let's now speak about the word Appreciation, which by putting it next to art we can see the value of this practice. The appreciation of art leads us gradually to the experience of appreciation and then the acceptance on many levels of our life, of ourselves and the world around us.