Stefania Tsakiraki

My academic and professional course follows the form of a spiral, for years now. After finishing school, in my hometown of Kavala (Greece), I started swirling. Pedagogical Studies and Drama School in the first years. Then came Yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies. Continuing, I collaboratively created a studio in Thessaloniki that could include almost all of the above. A creative space for children and families where art and movement were combined, the Magic hot-air Balloon. Closing this circle I made a big and decisive turn towards the destination that the above experiences revealed to me.


Museum photography is just one of the gifts that the creation of the book My Art of Being Me offered me. A book can make its reader travel metaphorically. Creating my own book made me travel on all levels, literally and figuratively. In the European museums, the houses of art, I created my own work of art. My desire to share and publish this book stems from my wish to you to start or continue with courage your journey to your happiness and fulfillment. It is worth every step of it.